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School Information


423 Burrows Street

San Francisco, CA 94134


telephone     |  415 . 330 . 1530

...........fax    |  415 . 468 . 1742




Dr. Barbara T. Berman



Mr. Brian Purcell

Assistant Principal


School hours:


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday








Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday







Today: 5/24/17
Honor Roll.sch.loop.2016.COVER.jpg

April 25, 2017


Dear Parents,


On behalf of our entire school community I want to say congratulations to you and your kids! Our school was chosen by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE) as a 2016 California Honor Roll recipient!


The California Honor Roll is part of a national effort known for its extensive and rigorous analysis of student achievement in public schools. Our school stood above other schools in the state because of our success in getting students to grade level achievement and beyond.


This year, the Honor Roll includes 1,866 public K-8 and high schools that are recognized for demonstrating consistently high levels of student academic achievement, improvement in achievement over time, and reduction in achievement gaps. The Honor Roll:


  • Includes a measurement of improvement
  • Is the only award given in collaboration with business leaders
  • Includes graduation and dropout rate data
  • No application process is necessary
  • Establishes a higher bar of performance than any other award
  • Takes into account equity and closing achievement gaps


We did not apply for this award (they found us!) and it is a great honor to have been chosen. We will be featured on the Honor Roll website and a banner has been designed for us to hang proudly at our school.


Thanks to the hard work of the students and teachers here at E.R. Taylor Elementary School, we are being recognized for our achievement. This is a testament to the relentless focus on results that our school has shown over the years and to the hard work of our entire school community.


From all of us here at E.R. Taylor Elementary School, I give heartfelt congratulations. Together, we are improving education for all students by sharing our success.




Dr. Barbara Berman




English Learners Advisory

Committee Meeting



Friday, May 19th at 3:00pm


Location:  Library


Please attend this meeting.




五月十九日, 星期五,下午三時正


地點: 圖書館




Reunión del Comité Consejero del

Programas Estatal para Alumnos Aprendiendo Inglés


viernes, 19 de mayo a las 3:00pm


lugar:  en la biblioteca


 Favor de asistir a esta reunión.




School Site Council (SSC)




Monday, May 22nd at 3:00pm


Location:  Library


Cantonese and Spanish interpretations will be provided.



Please attend this meeting.





五月二十二日, 星期一,下午三時正



地點: 圖書館







Reunión de El Concilio Escolar


lunes, 22 de mayo a las 3:00pm


lugar:  En la biblioteca


Traducciones serán próveídas en Español y Cantones.

Favor de asistir a esta reunión.






Parent Companion Documents - Translations now available!


The Parent Companion Documents will be available in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese on Feb. 10.  These documents identify major learning in each grade level and content area, identify ways families can support children’s learning as well as additional resources.  Families can access these documents at sfusd.edu/reportcards.





Dear Parents,


Please take a moment to fill this important


for E.R. Taylor!




Estimades familias,


por favor tomen un momento para


muy importante para ER Taylor!














5th Grade Promotion.sch.loop.20170524.COVER.jpg

Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Guardians:


The fifth grade promotion ceremony is going to be held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 09:30 a.m.  The promotion ceremony will be held in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School gymnasium.  Please make sure that your child comes to school on time at 8:40 a.m. dressed in their promotion attire.


It is important that families stay seated during the entire promotion ceremony.  Also, this year, there will be no photos taken during the ceremony.  If you would like to take photos with your child or their teacher, please wait until after the promotion ceremony has ended, when the children are outside of the gymnasium.  If you are planning to take your child home after the ceremony, please make sure to sign your child out with his or her teacher.   


If you have any further questions about the fifth grade promotion, please talk to your child’s teacher.




                                                                                    The Fifth Grade Teachers

el 24 de abril, 2017


Estimados Padres y Tutores del Quinto Grado:

Vamos a celebrar la ceremonia de promoción del quinto grado el Miercoles, 24 de mayo 2017 a las 09:30 am. La ceremonia de promoción será en el gimnasio de Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Por favor, asegúrense que su hijo llegue a la escuela puntualmente a las 8:40 am vestido con su traje de promoción.

Es importante que las familias se mantengan sentadas durante toda la ceremonia de promoción. Además, este año, no van a poder tomar fotos durante la ceremonia. Si usted desea tomar fotos con su hijo y su maestro, por favor espere hasta que la ceremonia de promoción haya terminado, cuando los niños estén fuera del gimnasio. Si usted está planeando llevar a su hijo a casa después de la ceremonia, hay que firmar el permiso con el maestro de su hijo.

Si tiene cualquier otra duda sobre la promoción del quinto grado, por favor hable con el maestro de su hijo.




Los Maestros del Quinto Grado





今年的五年級畢業典禮定在二零一七年五月二十四日, 星期三, 早上九時三十分舉行。  畢業典禮將在Martin Luther King, Jr. 初中學校室内球場舉行。    學生們需要在早上八時四十分到達學校。  畢業生必需穿上恰當的服裝參加畢業典禮。  


在整個儀式進行期間, 請留在你的座位上。  今年此畢業禮儀式進行期間不能夠拍照。  儀式完成後,您可以為學生和教師到禮堂外拍照。  如果你想在畢業典禮結束後接走您的孩子, 請與孩子的老師簽名。










Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School: The lower yard will be the designated area. Once you enter the parking lot, the lower yard is on the immediate left.


Christ for All Nations Lutheran Church Parking Lot:  You may park at the Christ for All Nations Lutheran Church parking lot, located at 465 Woolsey Street from approximately 9:00am-12:00pm.  There are a limited number of spaces available and cars must be parked in marked stalls. Cars parked in the lot do so at their own risk and liability and the church cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage or personal injuries while on the church property. Any damage to church property will be the responsibility of persons and/or vehicles involved.






EL 24 DE MAYO , 2017

Escuela  Secundaria Martin Luther King Jr. :  en la entrada del patio al la izquierda sera el estacionamiento designado


Estacionamiento de  la Iglesia  “Christ for All Nations “ (465 Woolsey Street) : Tiene permiso de estacionarse en el estacionamiento de la Iglesia  “Christ for All Nations “  de 9:00 AM a 12:00 PM.  Los espacios están limitadosy deben estacionarse en los espacios marcados. Al estacionarse aquí  la iglesia no sera responsible por robo, daño o heridas personales mientras estån estacionados en la propiedad de la iglesia.  Cualquier daño a la propiedad de la iglesia sera la responsabilidad de las personas  y/o los vehículos involucrados.



五月二十四日, 星期三,  E.R. TAYLOR 五年級畢業典禮, 停車場措施


Martin Luther King Jr. 初中學校: 下層操場特定區域,可以讓家長們停泊車輛。進入停車場後向左轉。


Christ for All Nations Lutheran Church 教會停車場:  地址:465 Woolsey Street。  停泊時間: 早上九點正至中午十二點正。  停車位數量有限。  請停泊在指定車位。  教會不負責任何的遺失,損壞,毀壞或傷亡。教會的物業如有任何的損壞,所牽涉的車主,司機和個別人仕必須負上一切的責任。




The “story” of E.R. Taylor Elementary School


Year the building opened:  1923 (main building) and the Annex building opened in 1929.

Current grades served:  Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Current enrollment:  695


Academic Performance Index (API) – 873  ß School Year 2012 - 2013

School Quality Improvement Index (SQII) – 77/ 100 ß School Year 2015 - 2016

National Blue Ribbon Award School – 2009

California Distinguished School Award – 2012

California State Title I Academic Achievement Award School – 2010

CSS Shining Star School

Campaign for Business and Education Excellence Honor Roll School – 2013 and 2015


Quote #1:– “We are grateful to be part of the E.R. Taylor community!  The teachers, staff, parents and students are all dedicated to providing positive learning experiences for everyone.  For the past three years, my sons have grown academically, socially, and emotionally as students of E.R. Taylor.  What warms my heart the most is seeing how happy my sons are to attend school every day.  We do not take for granted the tireless work and dedication of everyone involved that has made E.R. Taylor a great school.  My sons have made memories heare that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”  E.R. Taylor parent


Quote #2:–“I love working here because of the richness and diversity of our student population.  It is a happy and safe place for kids.  I love the large size of the school because of all the things it has to offer.” E.R. Taylor staff member


Quote #3: “E.R. Taylor has been a family to me since 1983.  I was the first Special Day Class teacher at the school. The staff was remarkable.  What I really liked was that we were all supportive of each other, and that was kept me in the Special Day Class for 14 years.  When the school became a Consent Decree school in 1986---that was when we became a team. We had a Language Arts Room and a Science Lab. We got involved in grant writing. During Oceans Week we had a Flashy Trashy Fashion Show.”  Former E.R. Taylor staff member


E.R. Taylor Elementary School is a Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade public school located in the southeastern corner of San Francisco, California, in the Portola neighborhood. 695 students currently attend E.R. Taylor.  In 1975, students in grades 1-5 were relocated to Treasure Island while the school buildings were retro-fitted to be earthquake safe; E.R. Taylor Kindergarten students attended school at Hillcrest Elementary during that time. It was renovated again in the 1980s. Our school building was most recently renovated during the 2008-2009 School Year.  E.R. Taylor is located at 423 Burrows Street, and occupies an entire city block, bordered by Goettingen, Bacon, Burrows and Somerset Streets.


In 1923, E.R. Taylor was named after Edward Robeson Taylor, the 28th Mayor of San Francisco, serving from July 16, 1907 to January 7, 1910. He was a lawyer and a poet in California before he became mayor, publishing an 1898 book of sonnets based on the paintings of William Keith.  Edward Robeson Taylor was appointed mayor due to the resignation of Charles Boxton, after his eight-day term. When Taylor was sworn in, he became the oldest mayor of San Francisco to be sworn in at 68 years old and still currently holds the record today. He died in San Francisco on July 5, 1923. His remains are housed at the San Francisco Columbarium.  The political economist Henry George credits Taylor for influencing his work on Progress and Poverty, one of the most popular and influential books in American history.[


On November 18, 1976, E.R. Taylor celebrated an Open House, which included a Children’s Program.  Participants were able to tour the new facility after it had been retrofitted.


In 2000, E.R. Taylor celebrated the 75th anniversary of the school by having student presentations in the yard.  Students, staff, community members and district office personnel participated in the event.


During the 1999-2000 school year, students at the school read a total of one thousand books; there was a giant worm that snaked around the school.


Many of our current students have parents who also attended the school.  Some of our veteran teachers have had the opportunity to teach two different generations of students from the same family.  The school currently offers a Cantonese Biliteracy Program, a Spanish Biliteracy Program, the English Plus Program, the SOAR Program and a Pre-Kindergarten program.  We value the multicultural and ethnic diversity that comprises our school population.



All EL students receive at least 30 consecutive minutes of Designated ELD instruction per day and Integrated ELD in all content area instruction.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *


每天, 母為非英語的學生有固定半小時,

按水平, 分班學習英文。


*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Todos los estudiantes que hable ingles como idioma segundo van a recibir  un minimo de 30 minutos consecutivos de instrucción el desarrollo del idioma de ingles Designado cada  día e también este el desarrollo del idioma de ingles esta integrada en toda la instrucción en todos los área de contenido durante el dia.

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We Are College Bound!

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