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Computer Science for All

Final Scratch Project

Scratch Corny Jokes/Conversations

See corny jokes from Mr Ramey's students:


See samples of conversations here:


Google - "corny jokes for kids"

Find a joke to build in Scratch!

Lesson 6 Student - Conversations.pdf

Scratch Build a Band

Check out these Build a Band projects from students at other schools:


Here's one website that has music notes for pop songs:

Scratch - About Me!

About Me - Scratch Project


1. See samples of other students' work in the About Me studio!


See Mrs. McGarrah's "About Me" project!


2. Choose an avatar creator:!/en



3. Use the Snipping Tool to Save your picture

First, Click on START 


Then, Click on the SNIPPING TOOL 

then, Select the picture


Then, Save the picture 



Finally, upload the avatar to Scratch



Scratch Jr.

Video - What is Coding?


Lesson 13: Scratch Jr. Dance Party!!



  • algorithm: a list of steps to finish a task
  • program: an algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine
  • sequence: a particular order of steps or events



Room 4 Mr. Duk's Class in

Click on your name, click on your character, then click Sign In


Room 33 Ms. Leong's Class in



Room 5 Mr. Arroyo's Class in

Code Studio


Room 1 Ms Luo's Class in


Room 34 Ms. Mary Ann's Class in


Room 9 Mr Huang's Class in



Room 10 Ms Mills' Class in


Room 32 Ms. Renee's Class in




Room 3 Ms. Zhen's Class in


Ms Hy


Ms Li


Room 8 Mr. Zhang's class in


Code Studio

Mr Ramey 10 Block Challenge Studio

Pair Programming

Code studio

10 Block Challenge

Spooky Halloween 10 Block Challenge!!

K-2 - Lesson 4 - Make a Computer

Scratch - Ms Renee's 3rd Grade

Watch Intro to Scratch Video

Mr Michael's 2nd Grade Class

Go Noodle Pattern Video



Makey Makey

Sequencing and Algorithms


Chicken Dance



Electric Slide Dance -


The Maxarena - Maximo | GoNoodle

K-2 Computer Science Curriculum

3-5 Computer Science Curriculum