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1923 and 1929

1923.E.R.Taylor.Somerset Street n Bacon Street.enlarge.image.jpg

E.R. Taylor Elementary School consists of the 1923 Building, a large one-story wood-framed building containing classrooms and an auditorium, and the 1929 Addition, a three-story reinforced concrete classroom building.  Reconstruction of the 1923 Building included new plywood wall and roof sheathing, the strengthening of trussed rafters, the replacement of ceilings and the replacement of existing lighting fixture with new lighting fixtures.  reconstruction of the 1929 Addition included new concrete shear walls and foundations.  The bottom floor was closed in as a result of being divided up by structural walls.  Interior walls required additional anchoring and, in some instances, such as between the library and the adjoining classroom, interior walls were omitted permitting the expansion of the library facilities.




November 18, 1976

Both the 1923 and 1929 buildings have been made to comply with the state requirements for handicapped access.  A new elevator has been installed in the three-story 1929 building and all toilet rooms lavatories, drinking fountains and access way have been modified.