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2nd Grade

African American Inventors

Ms Rodriguez Elkus Ranch

2018 Rodriguez Elkus Ranch.pptx

Ms Delloue Elkus Ranch

2018 Delloue Elkus Ranch.pptx



Mr Michael Field Trip


mr michael elkus ranch.pptx

Room 14 in McLaren Park with Officers

McLaren Park with Officers.pptx

Mr Michael's Friends


Animal Report

1. National Geographic Kids


2. World Book Online



Not ready yet

3.Pebble Go - Need username and passwords - ask Ms Orsi

Kid's dictionaries

Angry Birds

Code Angry Bird Game:


Angry Birds - Easy

ms delloue google classroom

Class code:  txcu20

October 11 - Mr Michael's class

Kidblog for Mr Michael's Class

Google Classroom

Google Classroom Join Codes:


Mr. Michael:  d9t7t92

Ms. Hy:

Ms. Katrina:

Ms. Cai:  dsx4tjv


butterfly lifecycle

Butterfly Life Cycle Song



Real Monarch Butterfly - Time Lapse


Click here to Download paper

Ms. Delloue's class

California academy of Sciences

Learn about chile

Mr michael's class - Little bird tales

Hour of Code

Click on this link to learn how to code Minecraft:


Ms Cai Class at mclaren park

Aquarium of the Bay

Week of October 19-23

1. Write an email to your teacher


2. Play the Webonauts Game


Ms Katrina's Class at McLaren Park

Mr Michael's Class - October 13

Mr Michael - Tumble Books in Spanish

Ms Delloue's Field Trip to McLaren Park

Week of September 21-25


Learn how to find a picture on Google Images to copy and paste into your blog.

What is your favorite animal? What does it look like? What does it eat? Where does it live?

Ms. Delloue:

Mr Michael:

Ms. Hy:

Ms. Katrina:

Ms. Cai:

Week of September 14-18

Week of September 8 - 11

Mr Michael's Class



Ms. Hy, Ms. Katrina, and Ms. Cai's Classes

1. Continue Typing Club

2. Start SumDog



Week of August 31 - September 4


Username: your first name

Password: 12345

1. Basic Operations


2. Word Processing & Keyboarding


3. Tables & Charts


4. Multimedia & Presentation Tools


5. Cyber Safety


6. Research


7. Communication & Collaboration


8. Coding


Addition Games

Animal Report