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3rd Grade





Type the name of a Tribe in the SEARCH bar.



Ms Josey's Class Website

1. See samples of other students' work in the About Me studio!


2. Choose an avatar creator:!/en



3. Ms Leong's "About Me" studio

Ms Mary Ann

10 Block Challenge




Ms Renee's join code is YUJ1F


Click here for facts about Golden Gate Bridge:

Ms Josey's Class - Ferry Building Field Trip

Click on the salad to see the pictures and write about the field trip!

rm35 063.JPG



join google classroom

To join Google Classroom:


1. Click on this link, or type in the omni bar

2. Log into your Google Account

3. Type the "join code" for your teacher.


Ms. Renee - 6j8ncb9


Ms. Li - p71btw

Ms. Leong - 1hno7no

Ms. Mary Ann - 648ww3d

Ms. Josey - 1f25rv4

Ms Leong's Class
Please select a video file.




John Muir


George Washington


Sitting Bull




Franklin D Roosevelt


Susan B Anthony


Jackie Robinson


Frederick Douglas


Harriet Tubman



If your person isn't in this list, go to Google and type:


_____(Name of person)______   Biography for Kids



Build a Galaxy with code

Hour of Code

Click on this link to learn how to code Minecraft:


Native American Tribes in california

Digital Literacy

Digital Passport


or play the Webonauts game

Halloween stories in Kidblog

Write at least 100 words in Kidblog using one of these Halloween story starters:

  1. It was a cold Halloween night when I saw the...
  2. The mad scientist was creating a new monster that could...
  3. The large cauldron of purple liquid started to boil when...
  4. I got an eerie feeling when I heard...
  5. The mysterious object started floating in the air and...
  6. The Halloween pumpkin turned into a...
  7. The black cat started to crouch and hiss when...
  8. Something in the closet was making a strange noise, so I opened the door and.

3rd Grade

Ms. Li 

Ms. Renee

Ms. Mary Ann

Ms. Leong

Ms Josey



Ms Mary Ann's Class - Tumble Books in Spanish

Week of September 28 - October 2

Week of September 21-25


Learn how to find a picture on Google Images to copy and paste into your blog. 

What is your favorite animal? What does it look like? What does it eat? Where does it live?


3rd Grade

Ms. Li 

Ms. Renee

Ms. Mary Ann

Ms. Leong

Ms Josey

Week of September 14-18

Week of August 31-September 4

Goal: Use your username and password for Kidblog and Typing Club

1. Log into Kidblog, make a new post to introduce yourself, then publish your post


2. Log into Typing Club, practice your keyboarding skills

Week of August 24-28


3rd grade tech skills

1. Basic Operations


2. Word Processing & Keyboarding


3. Tables & Charts


4. Multimedia & Presentation Tools


5. Cyber Safety



6. Research

Sources of Information Game


7. Communication & Collaboration

8. Coding


3rd grade content

Ms Josey's Class Website

Animal Report

1.Choose an animal from this website:

2. Go to Google Images and find at least 6 pictures of this animal (baby, family, eating, sleeping, home, playing, yawning)

3. Click on the "house". Open the animal report template in the computer lab locker.

4. Insert your pictures into the template and write a sentence about each one.



Record your voice, copy the embed code, and paste the code in your blog. Remember to click the HTML tab in the blog.